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with the president's security team meeting then. but today secretary of state john kerry has been making the rounds and making strong statements. yesterday he called russia's actions an invasion, an occupation. today an incredible brazen act of aggression, saying that this is not the behavior of a g-8 country, that if it persists other countries could pull out of the g-8 in russia. already we've seen the u.s., canada, and now great britain pull out of those preliminary meetings. and he said that, you know, some lawmakers have called for even stronger response, i mean, saying why not immediate resorting to sanctions or something that is stronger than what has been presented already. well, today kerry said absolutely, that is a possibility, that nothing is off the table, and we could well see something like visa bans and asset freezes imposed against russia in the near future. candy? >> and the secretary also predicted that ukrainians are not going to sit around and take this invasion without doing something. >> reporter: right. i think he said in his word, they know how to fight. some people said wh
the interim government be supported in kiev. i'd like to see secretary kerry support them financially and i think the number of steps need to be taken including stepping away from having the g-8 summit in sochi this june. >> really how much influence does that have over putin? this is a critical and a cultural place to which the crimea, to which russia has a huge attachment. saying, hey, we're not going to the g-8 now, just seems like he's going to go, yeah, okay, it's more important to me. what moves putin out of crimea? >> he needs to be isolated on the issue of the international community. secondly, i do think that it is significant, frankly, for there to be a suspension of participation by russians in the g-8 and perhaps calling off the meeting this spring. but next i do think it is important to continue to isolate them politically and perhaps economically and we should look at, candy, if indeed there is not deescalation here and indeed this is pushed closer to the brink, and indeed if you look at the history here, this has always been a potential flashpoint between russia and the ukrai
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2